Customer Charter
Journey Steps
LIMMS will
Ensuring Quality Outcomes on the Way

Preparing for the journey
LIMMS aim to have in place sufficient qualified people and resources to enable them to respond appropriately and promptly to employers needs.
  • Ensure they have in place trainers with up to date skills, vocational qualifications and capabilities needed to train and assess current and future candidates throughout the sector.
  • Provide a safe and healthy learning environment for your employees.
  • Undertake a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) on all employees.
  • Work to obtain and  maintain Investor in People status and Matrix Standards.
  • 90% of stakeholders to give positive feedback on available facilities and resources.
  • LIMMS to extend their premises to include an extra office by June 2014.
  • Information sheets to be produced and sent to employers for all new awards.

Employer enquiry
LIMMS aim to ensure all enquiries are handled promptly and in a manner which meets the individual employers needs
  • Respond to requests and enquiries promptly.
  • Provide friendly, helpful and polite customer service in all our dealings with you.
  • Advise you whether we are able to support your programme with funding, if you are eligible, and give you details of any, charges.
  • 80% of enquires are responded to within 24hrs.
  • Initial meeting to be arranged within 1 weeks of receiving enquiry.
  • 95% of stakeholders give positive feedback on the manner in which their enquiry has been processed.

Employer engagement meeting
LIMMS aim to identify and agree the specific needs and business goals of each employer.
  • Discuss the business needs that any training is designed to support.
  • Provide assistance with analysing the training needs of your organisation.
  • Agree with you at the start the impact that the training is designed to have on your business needs.
  • Refer you to other provides if we are unable to provide the training you require.
  • LIMMS to achieved Framework for Excellence standard.
  • LIMMS to meet and agree programmes with 4 new employers a month.
  • 10% of employers to be given information on alternative funding.
  • 98% of employers give positive feedback on LIMMS’s ability to understand their needs.

Detailed proposal
LIMMS  aim to ensure the proposed training solution is aligned to identified needs, and takes learners from the stage they are at to where their employers want them to be.
  • Discuss training needs with you and present a clear proposal.
  • Design programmes which are flexible and fit in with your company’s shift patterns and needs.
  • Deliver training within your workplace or at the centre.
  • 80% of proposals presented to employers will be implemented.
  • Feedback from employers to show that 95% of employers are satisfied that the proposed training solution is aligned to their identified needs.
  • This is to meet the growing demand for  the 16-24 year olds in line with Government strategy.

Solution delivery
LIMMS aim to ensure delivery meets or exceeds outcomes agreed in initial proposal.
  • Keep you informed of progress throughout.
  • Deal effectively with any issues or concerns you may have.
  • 82% of learners to achieve qualifications within 12 months of registering with the centre for those at level 2 or maximum of 18months for those at level 3-5.

Assessment of outcomes
  • LIMMS aim to measure how well business outcomes have been met, and will agree action needed for any unmet or further needs identified.
  • Complete a review at the end of the process to measure the impact of the training solution and identify any unmet or further needs.
  • Give you the opportunity to comment on our service throughout.
  • 100% of organisations to achieve 50% of staff trained to level 2 or above within 2 years of working with LIMMS.
  • 95% of all organisations to maintain or increase inspection grade from training to grade 2 within 2 years.
  • Employer and learner feedback to show a high level of satisfaction (90%) with the quality of the programme and it’s relevance to business objectives.

Follow Up
LIMMS aim to continue to review and update our training solutions in line with employers current business needs.
  • Give you information on new awards or funding opportunities.
  • Invite you to employer forums and our annual celebration of achievement.
  • 80% of employers to retain LIMMS as their preferred provider.
  • LIMMS management team to attend or host 5 Employer engagement events during each year.
  • Feedback from employers to inform future developments and implement additional training solutions to meet your current business needs

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